Fighter and Giver – Grover Arnett

Grover Arnett

Within every person there is always a variety of attitudes. In the case of Grover Arnett, he is first and foremost a fighter. As an attorney, he had to fight to pass all of his classes as well as the bar and now in his work, he is always fighting for his clients. He believes that everyone deserves a good attorney and was even an attorney for the County of Magoffin.

While he is a fighter, Grover Arnett is also a giver. Even before he had the money to spare, he made a point to contribute to non-profit organizations financially. He knew what it meant to recieve help like he did via his scholarship and wanted to make sure that others had the same type of opportunity. One step he took was by writing fundraising materials that would help other deserving recipients to receive scholarships as well. Over the years, he also became a long-time member of the A.B. “Happy” Chandler Foundation which provides struggling students with college scholarships. Grover Arnett found the importance of a good education and wanted to spread that opportunity as well. In addition to these, he also went on to found, and currently serves as chairperson to, the William O. and Easter Arnett Memorial Foundation. Even though he is running a successful law practice, Grover Arnett also makes a point to always make the time to help others.